Lewis Hamilton F1 Overtakes part 1

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Petrov Background

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By Liam, August 26, 2014 3:13 pm

Vitaly Petrov is a former Formula One driver from Russia who participated in the sport between 2010 and 2012, therefore, becoming the first ever Russian driver in history to compete in the sport.

Unlike the path followed by most race car drivers, Petrov did not begin his racing career with go karts as there was very limited opportunities to go kart where he lived and it was not until 1998 that he began to race in motorsports, taking part in ice races and rally sprints.

In 2003, the Russian signed up for the Formula Renault Championships, taking his seat with Euronova Racing. Following the stint with Formula Renault, Petrov returned to Euronova Racing, this time in the Euroseries 3000, going on to finish third in the overall standings. During the same season, Vitaly Petrov made his debut in the GP2 Series.

So impressive was his stint in the GP2 Series that rumours began to circulate about an eventual move to Formula One and with no lack of financial backing, it was only a matter of time before he made the move to the biggest motorsport extravaganza in the world.

Before the start of the 2010 season of Formula One, the Russian was linked to teams like Campos, which would become the Hispania Racing team, Renault and Sauber. In the end, he was announced as a driver for Renault. He remained with the team even after its rebranding as Lotus Renault but after one more season, he moved to Caterham.

But with the team struggling to come up with a competitive car, Vitaly Petrov failed miserably and after a lacklustre season with the team, it was announced that he would be leaving the team for greener pastures.

He currently drives for Mercedes in the DTM or the German Touring Car Series.


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Senna Adds Flavour To F1 Series

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By Liam, July 30, 2014 8:01 am

Two most popular names in the formula one sport will go head to head in the Formula E electric racing series. Bruno Senna, nephew of the famous F1 driver Ayrton Senna and Nicolas Prost, will face each other in the season. The duo had met each other before in the endurance race. But this time they will contest against each other in the single seater cars. Both Senna and Prost may not have contested much in the formula one racing arena, but the E electric series will add maximum nostalgia and old flavour into the race when the drivers will struggle for every inch during the race.

“Before this race, I should live in the past and start thinking afresh. I do not think nor will your contender think this way. It always good to start a new race and you see the fans are encouraging you. I am looking forward to this race,” said the 32 year old Prost during a press conference before the starting of this season. The race will start from September and presently, the cars and teams are preparing their cars and practicing in England. This year, Senna completed seven races in Brazil, Russia, USA, Singapore, China, Hungary and Malaysia. In May this year, Mahindra racing confirmed that Indian racer Karun Chandok and Bruno Senna will race for their team. In 2012, Senna started his career as the driver of the Williams team. Experts believe that it may be due to that Senna’s uncle continued to race for the Williams until he died. Senna was chosen as the reserved driver of the Renault team in 2011.

At the Belgian grand prix he finished at the 13th position. But in Indian grand prix he reached 12 th position. Now it’s time to see how he performs with Chandok.

Lewis Hamilton – Half Man Half Fish

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Lewis Hamilton – Something To Believe In (HD)

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Hamilton Rises To The Top

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In the Spanish Grand Prix that took place on Friday, Lewis Hamilton was able to lead a Mercedes one-two whereas Sebastian Vettel, the world champion from Red Bull team was pushed to the side-lines for a better part of two sessions thanks to an electrical problem. Hamilton is becoming a favourite in the race and was able to push the limits by passing championship-leading teammate Nico Rosberg by 0.499 of a second faster and Jenson Button of McLaren by 0.868 second faster.

Hamilton is pleased with his performance and has been heard saying that he can feel the positive step forward they have made with the car. The two practice sessions went very smoothly and it was one of the best Friday’s ever. Hamilton has managed four successive wins whereas Vettel was reduced to a mere observer at the Circuit de Catalunya. Last season he won nine races but due to technical problems had to watch from the side-lines after completing only four laps. He had to take a scooter back to the paddock.

Red Bull gave him a car which has a different chassis than the one he is used to in his own car. There have been no improvements despite the difficult start to the season. One failure in wiring caused a short circuit and he had to sit out the practice sessions. The chassis had to be changed. It might be a small failure but it has big implications.

Hamilton after four races happened to be 4 points behind Rosberg but went from strength to strength with an amazingly fastest lap of only one minute 27.023 seconds which was set six minutes from the end that morning. His time was 1:25.524 by the time lunch was over. These margins are beyond impressive and have made him the man to be watched in F1’s very first European race this season.