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Lewis Hamilton looking to tighten grip on world title with win at US

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By index, December 9, 2014 8:49 am

Three weeks is a particularly long time, especially in a sport like Formula One and after it was announced that Caterham F1and Marussia F1 entered into administration, all eyes will be as much on the shrinking number of cars on the grid as much as on Lewis Hamilton as he attempts to secure his fifth straight win as he intensifies his efforts to tie up the Formula One Drivers’ Championship.

Formula One will be heading into Austin, Texas for the United States Grand Prix and after Hamilton took the win at Sochi in the Russian Grand Prix, the entire motorsport world will be looking whether the Englishman will be able to continue to hold off the challenge of teammate Nico Rosberg.

And while the track at Austin is growing in popularity between the drivers and fans, there will also be questions raised about how the number of grids has come down to 18.

Mercedes has already tied up the Formula One Constructors’ Championship in Sochi, but according to Lewis Hamilton, nothing will change the dynamics between the two drivers despite the team’s success.

The Formula One Drivers’ Championship has come down to only two contenders with Hamilton extending his championship lead to 17 points with Rosberg. Although, mathematically Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo still has a chance of winning the title, the young Aussie is not expected to overtake the Englishman and German for the title.

Rosberg has not given up on winning the title but the chances of him leapfrogging Lewis Hamilton to claim the title look very slim, considering the type of form that the Englishman is in. Hamilton won the first ever race at Austin back in 2012 and he will be hoping for a repeat again this year as he looks to tighten his grip on the title.

Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg says nothing changes between them despite team title

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By Liam, November 17, 2014 1:24 pm

Mercedes F1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have said that nothing will change in terms of the dynamics between them after Mercedes secured the Formula One Constructors ‘Championship.

The Silver Arrows clinched their first ever Constructors’ Championship after securing their ninth one-two finish in a campaign that they fully dominated at the first ever Russian Grand Prix in Sochi. Hamilton took the chequered flag for the fourth successive race this season and his ninth overall in 2014, opening up a comfortable 17 point cushion ahead of teammate Rosberg with three races of the season left to go.

It had long been suggested that once Mercedes wrapped up the Constructors’ title, the two would take their feud to the next level as they try to secure the Formula One Drivers’ Championship for themselves.

The two long time friends have already been involved in several bust-ups already this season and their on field antics have also brought them unwarranted attention, especially after their battles in Spain, Bahrain and Monaco and most notably at Belgium where Rosberg collided with Lewis Hamilton.

But despite the circumstance that sees the two heading into United States, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates, Hamilton has said that nothing will change the dynamics between the two saying that it doesn’t change anything and the same rules apply.

Hamilton said that they are both are racing as fast as they can and they are allowed to race as fast as they can and the two of them want to secure the maximum points they can for the team.

Rosberg said the same thing as he mentioned that until now, they have been allowed to fight and the same will happen for the next races and both he and Lewis Hamilton will push each other all the way till the end.

Formula 1 2008 Highlights Lewis Hamilton World Champion

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Lewis Hamilton picks up the crucial pole position in Sochi

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By Liam, October 18, 2014 10:51 pm

The Russian Grand Prix proved to be a very rewarding one for Lewis Hamilton. He had a very good race in the new race track and enjoyed the new challenges that came up to him. His team Mercedes is still at the top of the constructor’s table. He was closely followed by his team mate Nico Rosberg who was only about a fraction of a second behind Hamilton. However Valtteri Vottas missed out on a golden opportunity to clinch the win. H e was the leader for a greater part of the race but lost the momentum midway. Lewis Hamilton took full advantage of the situation and drove past him in style. He was very happy to take the pole position ultimately and said that he owed a lot of his success to his team. He has been truly outstanding this season and the contest with his own team mate has made the race a delight to watch.

Lewis Hamilton is set to remain in his team for the next season as well. H e looks satisfied with the team’s effort in his win. The earlier race in Suzuka was also won by him by some margin. It was one of the most difficult races of the season but Hamilton managed to come out on top. Fans and critics alike were happy to see him coming through such wet and tough conditions. But the celebrations were curtailed due to the mishap involving Jules Bianchi. The drivers were grief stricken at the terrible accident which he came across. Hamilton mentioned in the post match interview that he was very concerned about the fellow driver and wished him quick recovery. The fans were very pleased with his personal performance and will be looking forward to more such exhibitions from him in the near future.

Lewis Hamilton drives a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren at Portugal

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Massa finishes fifth at Singapore after 38-lap final stint

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By Liam, October 2, 2014 12:16 pm

Felipe Massa ended fifth in the Singapore Grand Prix after he drove for a marathon 38-lap final stint. He had to bring in all his experience on the plate after Williams decided not to bring him into the pit-stop for fresh pair of tyre during the safety car period.

Williams changed to a two pit-stop strategy for Massa after the safety car came out midway through the 60laps race. He had a quiet race in fifth but had to stretch out his prime stint instead of taking on fresh rubber, a strategy call he did not agree with at the time. Team-mate Valtteri Bottas collapsed late in the race following the same strategy but Massa held on to his position which according to him was a job next to impossible. Continue reading 'Massa finishes fifth at Singapore after 38-lap final stint'»