Lewis Hamilton 2010 Overtakes – Part – 1

By admin, February 5, 2014 4:52 am

Lewis Hamilton Video clip Rating: four / 5

14 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton 2010 Overtakes – Part – 1”

  1. Amer Hrkic says:

    Name of second song?

  2. Ian Clatworthy says:

    Lewis is easily the best driver

  3. SmokerFace12 says:

    Plz wtf, dont get me wrong your vid isnt bad.. But plz dont put a banner in
    the middle of screen, right on the steering wheel during the onboard camera
    shots :P

  4. superFrontrunner says:

    Yeah, its a shame!

  5. christianumbereit says:

    2:19!? He overtakes by a Yellow Flag?

  6. OSORIOO says:

    I like your vid but the intro is too long mate but well done! Lewis is the

  7. Ron Sinson says:

    gtaboy1224567, f1 is not dyeing, with Russia and especially America opening
    up a street track it’s gonna be even more popular. You have to understand
    America is the leading place that influences people with there Hollywood
    and pop culter and most importantly sports. You’ll see! I

  8. East00000n says:

    God Webber was a clumsy twat in Aus 2010. Terrible.

  9. johan kleij says:

    What is the name of the first song?

  10. Jesmond Borg says:

    Mate, even myself would have preferred not to include that banner, but its
    there for the purpose of masking the F1 logo, cose if not it would be
    rejected by you tube automatically. Thanks

  11. Strictly says:


  12. kwok leung Ho says:

    What the second song name pls?

  13. mercboy879 says:

    Jesmond Borg, what’s the name of the second song?

  14. gtaboy1224567 says:

    f1 is dead now