Lewis Hamilton Drives Tony Stewarts Nascar (FULL)

By admin, April 30, 2014 10:52 pm

Lewis Hamilton Video Ranking: four / 5

25 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton Drives Tony Stewarts Nascar (FULL)”

  1. pcsecretagent says:

    Different driving styles. Cool to watch to different guys from completely
    different leagues.

  2. jtgfletch62 says:

    this is very fun to watch

  3. Brian Glennon says:

    Mabey tony should fire Danica and put Lewis in the 10

  4. Erik coutt says:

    Lewis Hamilton drive tony stewarts Nascar watkins glen NY

  5. brian4480 says:

    You are so retarded its funny…

  6. AyrtonHamilton2785 says:

    fuck you pussy

  7. Kev Dog says:

    Hamilton probably feels like hes going 60 MPH. Tony feels like he is going
    300 haha.

  8. Mike O says:

    You’re an idiot….

  9. JozyMozy says:

    So, you guys…Tony’s got a broken leg…and F1 is on summer break…

  10. natogandalf says:

    He’s an F1 driver being used to driving 300km/h while fiddling with the
    steering wheel and taking specific instructions over a radio. I’m sure he
    can manage shifting with the other hand.

  11. Rcrby525 says:

    oh, and montreal isn’t a lit circuit

  12. Tombs Clawtooth says:

    I went to the UK after driving nothing but 13 speed dump trucks for a long
    time in the US. It took me all of 5 minutes until I preferred shifting with
    my left hand. Honestly, it isn’t much of a change. Getting used to driving
    a compact car after only driving triaxles was the toughest part! Lol, no
    useful mirrors.

  13. Dicky Speedmaster says:

    7:15 wheelspin smoke at 100mph… cool.

  14. Rcrby525 says:

    also, i was talking about road courses, not ovals, ovals is pretty obvious,
    but, there has been multiple rain delays on road courses since then, it’s
    getting pretty f’ing stupid. watkins glen more so then sonoma, mainly due
    to the lake-effect weather from the great lakes

  15. John Bhoy says:

    tony an lewis were’nt at race speed depicted by water on the track. It
    dries = faster.

  16. Nathaniel Robinson says:

    Wrong wrong and wrong. Look him up stupid. He is my favorite F1 driver.

  17. YllwNinja82 says:

    i didn’t know Nascars could turn both directions! :D

  18. roadbeef says:

    7:10 hammer down baby, yeah!!

  19. Brandon Lee says:

    Its because hes British, he is used to driving with the gearbox on the left
    not the right, it is a bit of an awkward shift.

  20. DeftonesFan867 says:

    @Rcrby525 Says who? Any proof to back that up? Ohhhh how I get it. You’re
    one of those jackasses who claim Americans can’t drive because you have an
    inferiority complex. Isn’t that cute. Hey cupcake? Check out the topgear
    siarpc leader board and see whose on top before taking again.

  21. TheMoezilla says:

    You must have a huge contact list on your cell phone….where did you find
    the time to call 275 million people to verify their manual transmission

  22. DJLauth says:

    I love both series. Formula 1 is perfection and Nascar is just raw power :D

  23. SHA8UTIE says:

    And the Nascar driver lapped faster in the F1 car than Hamilton. You should
    try watching the whole thing instead of looking like a dumbass.

  24. VHT418 says:

    Wet tires do not work on ovals. Centripetal forces play a much larger role
    on an oval at those speeds due to the banking and other track conditions.
    You’d have the cars getting junked in the wall every other lap. INDY is the
    same way. However, both series do race in the rain on road courses.

  25. fruitflykilla says:

    Not really, Lewis has lived in Switzerland for god knows how long. A man of
    his driving ability too the whole left wheel drive – right wheel drive
    thing doesn’t really apply to him, it applies more to British people on