Lewis Hamilton GP2 Overtakes

By admin, May 29, 2014 4:53 am

Lewis Hamilton Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton GP2 Overtakes”

  1. Usman Chaudhry says:

    this is better than all of Sebastian Vettel’s wins from the front row

  2. jraybay says:

    The way Hamilton pilots his formula 1 car. this gp2 car must have been like
    a sportscar for him lol.

  3. OHeaney says:

    @freenap He’s not the best ever, but he’s certainly a match for Alonso.
    Maybe a little faster…. A great driver, but not the greatest. I support
    Hamilton, but I don’t think that he’s “the best in any car at any circuit.”
    Maybe the most entertaining tho lol =P

  4. Matti kake says:

    @walljo05 Strange some delusions… You know Hamilton has already beaten
    Kubica and Alonso in equal cars? Kimi, Vettel subjective of course, but
    Webber??? Whatever helps you sleep.

  5. Hamiltonfan2 says:

    best driver ever

  6. cocorocks88 says:

    ChannelHamilton, with a name like that it clearly devoid of any bias! :P In
    all seriousness some great videos, love looking at footage of drivers from
    early in their career. Thanks.

  7. Deniz1923 says:

    Sure, but I still woudn’t say no to a little nice background music :)

  8. Matti kake says:

    @walljo05 You’re obviously biased against, which makes your comments no
    more valid that anyone elses. Wasn’t Alsonso the “prick” for deciding to
    deliberately hold up Hamilton in the pits? Afterall, Hamilton was only
    trying to find room on the track. Hardly a fair and equal response. And
    wasn’t Alonso then the prick for publically bad-mouthing McLaren? And then
    a prick for instigating spy-gate? Ron Dennis is not a fool. He only likes
    the better drivers, check your history…

  9. Jon Wallace says:

    @bmk139 Vettel, webber, alonso, kubica and raikkonen :D But thats my point,
    they are quicker than him, but id say that only alonso comes close to
    hamiltons level of race craft.

  10. zvimbaz25 says:

    Definitely the most exciting driver in F1 today, oh and Kobayashi of course

  11. truey2k says:

    Thanks for the excellent collection of clips! Some very spectacular moves
    by Lewis. Some of the moves made me lol! Lewis is without a doubt on
    another level as his car control is astonishing.

  12. BlackHawkFrench says:

    Räikkönen is still more legendary than him. But i do not hate lewis either.

  13. Jon Wallace says:

    @bmk139 Urm i think alonso would have been okay had hamilton decided not to
    be a prick during qualifying, kimi kicked both their asses at the end of
    the day so :S

  14. ShadowFlames3 says:

    Can’t tell if trolling or just retarded.

  15. vivaSchumi7 says:

    Ok, Im going 2 say it… I am a Ferrari fan until I die, and I HATE Lewis
    with a passion… but he is bloody good… respect

  16. Matti kake says:

    @walljo05 Discussion bias? Have you noticed this is a pro-Hamilton video
    yet? So, to paraphrase, you say Hamilton is not as quick as Vettel, webber,
    alonso, kubica and raikkonen, because Webber is beating Vettel? And Vettel
    Kubica Webber and Hamitlon are superb, but Hamilton is not the faster?
    Sounds like you haven’t a clue. Officially McLaren favour no-one. They have
    never favoured anyone since 1976. It’s more likely Alonso had problems
    being beaten, by a man not yet up-to-speed with F1.

  17. Deniz1923 says:

    On a second thought, this one needs a good music. The freestylers one was
    in fantastic harmony with the vid.

  18. tderias says:

    @whitesox889 if he’s coming down the inside, he’s coming down the inside…
    there’s so little to do to prevent it without causing a crash…

  19. kptk92 says:

    “He’s done him.”

  20. Blockdb says:

    5:09 “Oooooh yess!!”

  21. Matti kake says:

    Hint: such videos are primarily for entertainment purposes… education is
    an aside. Although on that last point, care to point anything out in

  22. bmk139 says:

    @walljo05 Awwwww, poor, poor Alonso. Stop with the pity, please. Alonso had
    all the support he needed, he had equal machinery and every opportunity he
    needed, but he blew it when his head went and he started making mistakes,
    and ended up trying to blackmail his team principal. Mclaren didn’t favour
    Hamilton until Alonso started behaving like a prick (hungaroring), but by
    then Hamilton was leading the championship.

  23. jimmydigital says:

    gareth rees… awesome

  24. Sammy Angel says:

    @Hamiltonfan2 no doubt

  25. Dougie P says:

    i’d rather see racing like this where drivers are on the limit as opposed
    to the way f1 is at the moment with pirelli tires meaning they have to
    “manage” their tyres.