Lewis Hamilton – Half Man Half Fish

By admin, July 24, 2014 4:36 pm

Lewis Hamilton Online video Rating: 5 / five

18 Responses to “Lewis Hamilton – Half Man Half Fish”

  1. Wiryan Tirtarahardja says:

    “uh oh he’s run out of talent”

  2. Petri Soihko says:

    this guy is gay

  3. bullshitdetective1 says:

    this was when brundle was bbc !!!! fucking traitor!!!!

  4. jjhhkkful says:

    did you really come to a fun video like this to give us these bullshit hate
    comments that make no sense and have no basis of logic, you absolute fuck?

  5. Timefacedude says:

    oh yeah and hamilton or the rest of the field dont

  6. rock54326789 says:

    poor jens :(

  7. Jensonbuttonfan101 says:

    Ohh poor jb:( glad he was alright though hate to see him get hurt:(

  8. IMS181 says:

    Lol Lewis afraid of the water..

  9. ahhanahiii says:

    1:17 lol the guy in the back gets the joke… :D

  10. fleele says:

    hahahah jenson injured because he didn’t judge the corner, shame his
    livelihood doesn’t depend on that!!

  11. daniel keith says:

    Jenson sucks at everything he makes excuses when he does bad I think he won
    by luck not by talent

  12. Felix J says:

    BBC chest bounce!

  13. rayhanul says:

    Was ther a bride ther ?

  14. sche0707 says:

    what is the song at 3:30?

  15. tlastquestion says:

    “Can I give you some advice? Don’t mention penalties…” LOL

  16. Christian Lewis says:

    Yeah luck to win 6 out of 7 races in a row out performing his team mate
    easily, the only person to ever beat hamilton in a full season standings,
    yep thats all luck, prick.

  17. Formula1Insider599 says:

    i believe the title is actually part man part fish

  18. HarryB1705 says:

    Martin Brundle’s laugh at 2:22 lol